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Your Guide To Rehabilitation At Holroyd Private Hospital

Rehabilitation Services At Holroyd Private

Program aims: 

This program is specially designed for people following bariatric surgery, or those that are seeking to avoid or prepare for upcoming surgery. The program will encourage patients to build knowledge about their condition and acquire the necessary skills and confidence to inspire and sustain long term positive lifestyle changes. With our team of specialist Allied Health professionals, we can offer you emotional support, self-management strategies and long term nutritional advice

Who can benefit from this program?

People who have undergone bariatric surgery: Bariatric surgery is a major surgery that can lead to significant weight loss. However, it is important to follow a comprehensive rehabilitation program after surgery to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Bariatric rehabilitation can help with wound healing, pain management, physical activity, nutrition, and psychological adjustment.

People who are considering bariatric surgery: Bariatric rehabilitation can help people who are considering bariatric surgery to prepare for the surgery and understand what to expect afterwards. It can also help them to make informed decisions about whether or not surgery is right for them.

People who are obese and have not had bariatric surgery: Bariatric rehabilitation can also benefit people who are obese and have not had bariatric surgery. It can help them to lose weight, improve their physical fitness, and reduce their risk of developing chronic health problems.

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