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Eye Theatre – Holryod Private is part of the  Macquarie Health Hospital Network which is one of the largest providers of Private Hospital Specialist Eye Theatres. With 5 locations throughout Greater Sydney & Melbourne, (soon 6) each location is set up with its own specialist theatre nursing teams and state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies. 

Nurse Call System – A nurse can be contacted by pressing the nurse call button.  Your nurse will show you how to operate the nurse call system on admission.

Lights – Your room light switches can be operated from the hand set control or from the console and/or wall switches.

Telephones – There is a phone beside your bed, with a dedicated line for your use.  To make a phone call, dial zero (0) and then the local phone number – local calls only.  Phone cards for calling STD and mobile phones can be purchased at Admissions.

Patients may be telephoned on their direct line which is displayed near each phone, or via the hospital number (02) 9681 2222.

Television Services – A ceiling-mounted television is provided at each bed.  The television is operated by a hand-held console at your bedside.  Regular television channels and select cable channels can be viewed at each bed, free of charge.

Hot Water in the Shower – Temperature Control – For your safety and as mandated by health department regulation, there are mixing valves which allow a maximum temperature of 43.5 degrees Celsius, except in the high dependency bathrooms which allow a maximum temperature of 40.5 degrees Celsius to ensure the safety of paediatric patients nursed in this area.  This is considered essential to prevent serious burns to yourself during your hospital stay.

Meals – Holroyd Private Hospital’s chef and catering team prepare fresh, nutritious meals on site every day.  Meals are served at 7:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm with morning tea, afternoon tea, and supper at approximate times.

We cater to all dietary requirements.

Unfortunately there will be times when your food and liquid intake will be restricted because of medical conditions.  As soon as your medical condition permits, you will be able to progress to a light diet and subsequently the full menu.  In keeping with your health interests and complying with health regulations, hot meals may not be reheated.  Therefore, if you are still in the Operating Theatre when the evening meal is delivered, you will be given a suitable meal from the kitchen on your return to the ward.

Housekeeping – Your room will be cleaned daily.  Please notify a member of the nursing staff if you require housekeeping service at any time.

Medications – You are required to bring to hospital your usual medications in their original packaging.

All appropriate medications will be ordered by your doctor or anaesthetist, stored safely during your stay and dispensed by the Registered Nurse.

Pharmacy – All medications given to you during your stay with us are ordered by your doctor.  If these are supplied on prescription or are different to or extra to those that you did not bring with you, then the cost may be included on your account.

Pathology – Twice daily collection rounds are attended at the hospital from 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday with visits on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Pathology results are available to the doctor at the hospital via the hospital computer link and a copy is also sent to your doctor.

X-ray – You are required to bring to hospital all X-rays applicable to your admission.  Please ensure you take all X-rays home with you at the time of discharge.  On-call X-ray services are provided as necessary.  As they are a separate entity to the Hospital, they will issue their own account.

Smoking – We pride ourselves on taking a positive attitude to health and wellness.  In the interest of your health we request that all people do not smoke.  Smoking has been banned within the hospital by government regulation.