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Reviews Celebrating Our Clinical Care & Patient Success

Sareth K, Rehabilitation Review – December 2021

I was transferred from St George public hospital … Very impressed with the rehab program. Nurses … and the allied health team are very competent. Staff are very nice and supportive. After discharge, they also offer out patient rehab program. Highly recommended.

Loreta Mohelika – December 2021

I thank God daily that we found this amazing hospital for dad. All the staff are amazing and take real pride in the care they provide. Dad is so well taken care of and having entered with mobility issues after surgery and dimentia he was challenged with his mind and the signals it was giving to his body. Holroyd through extensive physio and cognitive work daily has helped restore some self dignity and helped him get back to a mobility that sees him walking and taking the right cues when necessary around toileting and general movement. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a facility to not just house the elderly and loved ones under their care but to working with them to make them the best version that they can be with what has been served to them.
God bless all the staff from nurses to drs, to physios to interns- every person that has helped dad so much in his stay here 🙏💜♥️🙏., 

Sumit Chaudhari, Heart Wellness Review – November 2021

Post my bypass surgery, I was directed for the Heart Wellness Program to Holroyd Private Hospital. I was well taken care … from induction to the completion of the program. Her team … were always available during the entire length of my program. The due care given by each of them towards my needs to get my confidence and physical health. I recommend the entire staff at Holroyd … were all wonderful to work with. Thank you all to bring me back on my feet!